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The 学术浸 Program is designed to assist students with the transition to college, with a particular emphasis on the academic adjustments a student must continually make between high school and his or her first two years in college. 学术浸入式课程有两个组成部分. The first is a four-week summer program during which selected students complete two core course - one visual and performing arts (AH 13) and a natural science (BI 76), 在暑假期间获得6个学分.

The second aspect of the program focuses on student success and retention. Students that participate in the summer component of 学术浸 continue to be involved with the two sponsoring offices through a variety of academic and social programming. 在学年期间, 学术浸 is open to any student that is either referred to the program or expresses a personal interest in joining. Through one-on-one meetings with program staff and 研讨会, students are able to continually develop their knowledge and skills base during their first two years of college.

欲了解更多信息,请联系 Yolehema Felican in the Office of 学生的多样性 and Multicultural 项目.


The purpose of the 库拉个人辅导计划 is designed to provide incoming first-year students from underrepresented populations an opportunity to become acclimated and succeed at the University. Students receive mentoring and learn about personal and academic resources via two mentors: a 教师/staff mentor and a peer mentor.

Students who participate in early intervention programs are found to have a greater knowledge of university resources. This helps to increase their satisfaction with the university, 扩大他们的学术和个人网络, 提高保留率. 指导增强信心, 鼓励, 社会心理支持, and provides an opportunity for diverse perspectives and experiences.





提高期望值和未来目标 Having a mentor means you have personal access to someone with greater knowledge and experience to turn to. A mentor will help you explore a vision for your future and uncover your purpose. With support students may grow to their maximum potential and reach goals that would initially have seemed out of reach.

培养更大的自信 指导建立信心. 作为开场,你会培养你的自信心. You’ll know your own value and be able to articulate it in order to serve as an advocate both for yourself and ultimately for others.  

学习克服障碍和挑战的技能 作为主菜, your mentor will help you develop grit. Grit is the passion and perseverance to pursue long term goals, 尤其是在面对障碍和挑战的时候. You’ll learn valuable skills to succeed in the struggle to overcome adversity and be stronger for it!

成为一个充满活力和支持的社区的一部分 作为主菜, you’ll be a part of a community of emerging leaders who know the value of support and collaboration. 你会受到学生的启发和鼓励, 教师, and staff who’ve been right where you are and have succeeded.




〇扩大技能 You'll learn skills that will make you a better manager and leader while improving your judgement and decision-making abilities. 作为同伴导师, you'll encounter different situations that call for compassion, 足智多谋, 良好的倾听技巧.

〇结识新朋友 不仅仅是新生在建立友谊, 你会在各种活动中遇到其他导师, 研讨会, 和活动.

改善你的职业形象 People who are seen as mentors are granted higher credibility and are seen as higher performers.

你会有所作为的 Real growth and development doesn't just come from information, it's from relationships. Positive relationships have the ability and power to unleash untapped potential. When you can share with your entree that "this is possible, 这对你来说是可能的,“你可以为他们的生活开辟一条全新的道路.




The 库拉个人辅导计划 is designed to provide first-year students an opportunity to become acclimated to life at college and build a foundation for success during their years at 澳门威尼斯人官网 University. These students are paired with a 教师/staff mentor and a peer mentor.

通过定期的一对一和小组会议, students receive valuable information and useful knowledge regarding the many available campus resources.


Career Center, 校园部, Student Engagement, and Residence Life. 包括时间管理在内的几个主题, 健康, 灵性, 领导, 性格与个人成长, 全年都有发展.



The 澳门威尼斯人官网 安全空间计划 creates a network of campus-based allies to support and confirm the dignity and self worth of 女同性恋, 同性恋, 双性恋, 变性人, 酷儿学生和盟友. 澳门威尼斯人官网 University is committed to providing safe spaces where individuals can engage in discussion, 教育, 宣传, 以及对LGBTQ问题的认识. 这些空间没有歧视, 无知, 偏执, 和骚扰, and provide a safe and accepting environment for all.

查看研讨会日期列表, please contact the Office of 学生的多样性 and Multicultural Affairs at (203) 254-4000 ext. 2806或发送一个 电子邮件.


The 盟友网络 serves as a campus-wide resource to students who are in need of support. 培训工作坊结束后, allies receive a Safe Space placard distinguishing them as part of the network. This placard is a symbol that the person will be understanding, 支持, 如果是同性恋,就值得信赖, 女同性恋, 双性恋, 变性人, 或者酷儿学生需要帮助, 建议, 或者只是一个可以聊天的人.

The person displaying the symbol is also a person who can give anyone accurate information about sexual orientation issues.


The University strives to create a welcoming and 支持 environment for enrolled armed service veterans. The Office of 学生的多样性 项目 is able to direct student veterans to available resources on campus and assist veterans in connecting with the broader University community. 

欲了解更多信息,请联系 将约翰逊 或电子邮件 studentdiversity@dudusp.com.